BLUESJAM began in December of 1999 and ran the first Thursday of each month through 2021!

It was discontinued starting in 2022 when live theatre took the front seat at the Angelus Theater (formerly Boothe Bros Performing Arts Center, home of BLUESJAM). We will surely resurrect BLUESJAM again at a Utah Valley venue soon enough. To stay in the loop, email to join our email list. You may also follow us on and

Inspired by the Dead Goat Blues Jam in Salt Lake City, Joel Bradford and Curt Gordon decided to start “BLUESJAM” 50 miles south in Spanish Fork.

Hosted by bands such as Alex and the Blues Hounds, Dave Wilbur, Blues Frequency, Good Karma Blues Band and many more, BLUESJAM has brought many people together to play and improvise Blues and Jazz music together.


8:00 PM- Host band plays a 30 minute set while we pass around the “List O’ Love.”

People can sign the list to either sit in with the host band or take the stage with their own band for 2-3 songs.

8:30 PM- We start calling people up to jam.

The jam usually goes until 10:30 or 11:00 PM.

All ages and levels are welcomed to attend and participate!