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Welcome to the historic Angelus Theatre – 165 N Main St Downtown Spanish Fork!

This page used to reserve the venue for your own private or public event.

Party, meeting, recital, class, concert, play, wedding, etc. 

* For tickets to an existing event, please redirect to EVENTS and find the event that you want to attend. 


Please read the terms and conditions and then fill out the form below to initiate your reservation.

You will receive an email back from us to work out the details before your event goes on the calendar. 


Terms and conditions:

Option A will be in effect unless superseded by option B but not both.

Option A: 

“2022 Kick-Off” Promotional Rates! 

  • Rental for standard events: $98 per hour.
  • Rental for performing arts events: $75 per hour.
  • Rental for midweek: Monday – Thursday: $60 per hour.

Option B: 

Door split for admission-based events (when you charge a cover):

  • 60/40 split (60% to you and 40% to us)
  • This option will be in effect only if it exceeds option A.

Friday and Saturday evening events (5:00 p.m. – Midnight) require a $200 minimum.

Services included in rental: Full use of venue and facilities, including: Stage, sound and light systems, front of house, merchandise area, bathrooms, green room.

You may sell your merchandise and keep 100% of your proceeds. 

Audio and video recording services are also available for an additional fee. Please let us know if you’re interested.

House Rules: The representative of the performing party is responsible to inform the performing party of the rules.

  1. Everyone in the building must remain fully clothed.
  2. No profanity, swearing, sexual or drug innuendos allowed on stage.
  3. The representative of the performing party will be responsible to pay for any charged or stolen goods belonging to the venue, any physical damage to the venue property, and/or personal injury.
  4. No smoking, drinking, or drug use on the venue property.
  5. No intoxicated customers will be allowed admittance.
  6. No moshing, hardcore dancing, fighting, or any violent physical activities.
  7. Due to fire code, the isles must remain clear 3 feet from all perimeters.
  8. The rear load-in entrance may be used for staff only. No public admittance through the back doors.
  9. No reference to deities or religions.
  10. No reference to handicaps or disabilities.

In a case that an event needs to be cancelled, we will require 22 days notice. Otherwise there will be a $200 cancellation fee. 

Questions? email or text:

Call or text:     801-358-8134


Booking Agreement

Book your own event. Events may include, concert, play, wedding, meeting, party, yoga, etc.
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